Top 5 best casinos in Canada

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Canada is a gambling lover’s paradise, both for online games fully legalized in Quebec and for its vast selection of land-based casinos across the country.

Plus, many of the best casinos in Canada are located near some of the country’s most breathtaking spots, including Niagara Falls and its Great Lakes. Canada has become a popular gambling destination, and many of the top online casino sites accepting Canadian dollars have taken notice and are targeting the CA population directly, resulting in a huge selection of Canuck casinos on the web.

Here are five of the best casinos Canada has to offer casino enthusiasts.

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

Located and built around the majestic Niagara Falls, the Fallsview Casino Resort is more of a vacation destination than the day-trip attraction of Casino Niagara listed below.

In addition to its magnificent views, luxurious accommodations and many fun and entertaining activities for the whole family, Fallsview offers one of the largest casinos in Canada with over 200,000 square feet of games with the types of winnings and Mind-blowing bonuses that are usually only found at the types of online casinos listed here.

Niagara Casino

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In the Niagara region, this Canadian gateway to one of North America’s greatest natural sites is a casino and entertainment venue that makes the most of its surroundings; both in the magnificent views offered from all over the casino and in the Niagara based theme which gives the casino a very distinctive look and feel.

It’s no slouch on the pure gaming side either, as it has over 1,500 slots available, as well as 40 table games and 12 poker rooms for all your gaming needs.

Montreal Casino

If you are looking for simply huge casinos, you won’t find bigger or better than the no-frills gambling paradise of the Casino de Montreal.

Spanning five floors of casino space and occupying the entire French pavilion built for Expo 67, this simply gigantic casino caters to any legal gambling whim you might have.

The fact that it’s located in one of Canada’s most attractive cities certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Nova Scotia Casino

For something a little more comfortable and more intimate, Casino Nova Scotia is located on the beautiful Halifax waterfront.

It might not be one of the biggest casinos in the country, and it’s a little less accessible than those built near major landmarks or towns, but that’s a big part of its considerable charm.

Connected by a walkway to the Marriott Halifax Harbourfront, this popular gaming destination also offers all the perks of any luxury Marriott hotel, plus easy beach access and plenty of entertainment options.

River Rock Casino Resort

The largest casino is British Columbia, River Rock is located near the Vancouver International Airport for convenience and right on the Fraser River giving it the appearance of a beautiful ski lodge as much as a casino.

Its playing space isn’t the biggest, but it makes up for it with its world-class poker rooms which have hosted the BC Poker Championships on several occasions.

And these are just five of the best gambling destinations in Canada, there are many more, many of them able to compete with even these great casinos.

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